Torazou Tanimura as Yaheiji Washizuka Table Lamp

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This nishiki-e depicts Torazou Tanimura playing the role of Yaheiji Washizuka, the villain of the play “Koinyoubou-somewaketazuna”. It is thought that Yaheiji’s evil deed of stealing three hundred ryo of gold from Yosaku Date has been exposed and he is about to cut his opponent.

These goods are based on the nishiki-e of actors left by “Toshusai Sharaku”.
The Japanese painter Toshusai Sharaku produced more than 140 paintings of actors and sumo wrestlers in a short period of about 10 months from May 1794, but then disappeared without a trace and stopped publishing any of his works.

Source: ColBase 
This product is produced by processing a nishiki-e print from the Tokyo National Museum collection.

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