Matsusuke Onoe as Mikinoshin Matsushita T-Shirt

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This nishiki-e depicts Matsusuke Onoe as “Mikinoshin Matsushita” in the play “Katakiuchi-noriaibanashi. ”Mikinoshin” is killed by Daishichi Siga, the antagonist of the play. Later, Mikinoshin’s daughters, Miyagino and Shinobu, avenge him.

These goods are based on the nishiki-e of actors left by “Toshusai Sharaku”.
The Japanese painter Toshusai Sharaku produced more than 140 paintings of actors and sumo wrestlers in a short period of about 10 months from May 1794, but then disappeared without a trace and stopped publishing any of his works.

Source: ColBase 
This product is produced by processing a nishiki-e print from the Tokyo National Museum collection.

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